Course Description:

This course outlines practical clinical oral pathology with an emphasis on conditions commonly seen in the dental practice, including diagnosis, management, use of screening tools, and biopsies. Conditions will be highlighted that are difficult to diagnose and/or manage, newly diagnosed conditions and premalignant/malignant lesions. Concepts in diagnosis will also be discussed, with special attention to adjuvant screening tools and oral soft-tissue biopsies.

Key Learning Objectives:

·         Understand the etiology and management of oral lesions

·         Better recognize oral lesions and formulate a differential diagnosis

·         Develop a diagnostic approach including an understanding of the oral soft-tissue biopsy technique


Friday, November 16, 2018 @ the London Convention Centre

 Dr. Hagen Klieb & Dr. Peter Ta  present

  “Oral Pathology: What's New 

and What's Worth Remembering?“

RCDSO Category  1 Lecture:     6 hours   -   6 CREDIT HOURS  

Registration:  Dentists  $ 350.00 (HST included)   Staff  $100.00 (HST included)  LDDS HST # 797595519

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